VP Sales & Marketing Job Profile and Description

A Vice President’s job is to directly control and motivates the sales team. A Vice President holds a very responsible position in a company. A Big company can have nation-wise or region wise Vice Presidents.

VP Sales & Marketing Duties and Responsibilities

  • He is responsible for handling and controlling all the business developments programs and activities.
  • Closely observing the strategic moves of the competitors.
  • Developing strategies for implementation of business development
  • Hiring and recruiting the right and capable sales force is also an important function a Vice President has to perform in his company.
  • All Training and induction programs are managed by him.
  • Evaluation and improvement in the nation wide or region wise business development strategies.
  • Coordination with other marketing departments and planning integrated marketing communication programs for promoting the products and services of the company.
  • Building strong customer relationships and retaining the brand image of the company.
  • Responsible for over all sales, business development and pricing policies of the products and services in the company.

VP Sales & Marketing Skills and Specifications

  • Excellent team worker and leadership skills to motivate the employees and bring the best out of them.
  • Strong verbal and written communication skills and interpersonal skills.
  • Must have an analytical bent of mind and must be good at building strong connections and networks. For business development.
  • Well versed with the basics of technology and make it work to his advantage and for the betterment and growth of the company

VP Sales & Marketing Education and Qualifications

  • MBA with Sales or Marketing as a specialization.

VP Sales & Marketing Salary

    • It depends on the experience and qualifications an individual possesses.
    • Also depends on how big the company is.
    • The average salary varies from $8,000 – $20,000.