Customer Relations Director Job Profile and Description

The Customer Relations Director provides functional leadership to a team of aftersales complaints managers, loyalty program administrators, account management officers, and in-process and post-sales customer relations coordinators and officers. The objective is to support marketing in creating and maintaining customer loyalty and winning back dissatisfied customers.

Customer Relations Director Duties and Responsibilities

  • Oversee the work of a team of customer complaints, account managers and officers to ensure they comply with departmental policies and standards for customer relations excellence.
  • Collaborate with market research to ensure any market surveys cover the essential customer relationships and product loyalty performance of the company’s product portfolio
  • Design, develop and implement customer win-back programs, feedback questionnaires and aftersales market preferences.
  • Conduct customer relations workshops for marketing and sales executives and staff as well as 3rd party or outsourced sellers.
  • Conduct final screening interviews for applicants to the department.
  • Approve all manpower movement to and from the department

Customer Relations Director Skills and Specifications

  • Must have genuine concern for customer care and can empathize with customer complaints
  • Must have excellent organization, managerial and leadership skills
  • Can work irrespective of work shifts and can put in long hours under extreme pressure
  • Must have excellent verbal and written communication and interpersonal skills

Customer Relations Director Education and Qualifications

  • A college degree in industrial psychology or business degrees with a master’s degree in business administration is basic.
  • At least 12-15 years of experience in marketing with the last 6 years in the customer relationship function.

Customer Relations Director Salary

The average annual salary of a Customer Relations Directors depends on the industry, extent of marketing support, state and holder’s qualification.  In general, a customer relations director can earn about $67,000 to a high of almost $100,000 annually.