Job Specifications are primarily written to procure appropriate applicants for a post. For writing job specifications, one requires flair, and the ability to build a connection with the right target audience. A job specification requires being cohesive yet elaborate and encompassing all essential details pertaining to the requirements of the opening. Such specifications need to be put forth keeping in mind the precise requisite of the employer.

Design for Writing Job Specifications

job specification ought to have a definite flow and design and should contain the below mentioned contents in the same chronology:

  • The Job title.
  • A brief overview of the character and nature of the job and the traits, a person requires possessing for the same.
  • Illustration of the personality, an applicant for the post should have.
  • Elaborate description of the duties and responsibilities, a person in the position ought to execute.
  • Details of the qualification, experience and other specific vocational attributes related to the position.
  • Overview of the skill sets and abilities, an applicant for the post requires having.
  • Description of any physical attributes which might be essential for the job.
  • Work timings, hours and details of the work environment.
  • Detailed illustration of the remuneration and the payment cycle being offered by the organization.

Other Essentials for Writing Job Specifications

  • job specification ought to be objective.
  • It should be to the point and not contain jargon.
  • Should not lead the applicant in wrong direction.
  • Ought to convey the requirement of the recruiting organization precisely.