Job Analysis basically, refers to the ways in which the particulars and the prerequisites of a job are determined. It is a study to establish the various attribute, skills, qualifications and traits required for an idyllic candidate for the position. A Job Analysis is vital for marking the job specific traits and recruiting an ideal aspirant for the position.

Importance and purpose of Job Analysis

Analyzing a job is essential for a company so as to recruit the correct persons, enhance the skill sets of their existing employees and optimize their performances

  • To determine the specific attributes and skills an applicant requires possessing for a job.
  • For hiring a person with the right capabilities so as to optimize work performance.
  • Determining the training and induction to be given to a candidate.
  • Deciding on the appropriate compensation for the job.
  • For reviewing a candidate’s performance in a particular role.

Methods to conduct job analysis

There are several ways in which Job Analysis are conducted, some of which comprise of:

  • Studying and analyzing the day-to-day work of the employees.
  • Making note of the skills and abilities required by employees to conduct various tasks.
  • Structuring the compensation structure based on the analysis report.
  • Drafting job specifications and prerequisites in accordance with the analysis.

Job Analysis is a specialized task that is conducted by an analyst or human resource personnel, these analyses are increasingly becoming a vital part of company recruitment and evaluation processes.