Medical Sales Job Profile and Description:

The main thrust of the career of a medical sales agent is the selling or marketing of medical products to doctors, hospitals, medical institutions like colleges and universities, and other organizations dealing with healthcare and medicine. Such jobs require the setting forth of a target area by the medical sales agent, and charting out a plan by which he can sell his products either as an inside sales agent or an outside sales agent or medical representative. He can also work as an individual agent who works to sell a number of products of many companies without being affiliated to any particular company.

Medical Sales Duties and Responsibilities:

The duties and responsibilities of a medical sales agent are as follows:

  • To maintain relationships with customers. Medical sales agents are responsible for ensuring that old connections and customers remain loyal to the medical product manufacturing company, while establishing relationships with new customers.
  • To ensure that products are well received by following up on a particular sale through phone, email, direct contact or solicitation.
  • To aim at selling the maximum number of medical equipments for a company, in order to earn substantial commissions and prove valuable to the company.

Medical Sales Skills and Specifications:

The job skills and specifications of medical sales agents are as follows:

  • At least 3 years of work experience with reputed and large medical companies as inside, outside or individual medical sales agent.
  • Proven track record in making effective sales and following up on them, and excellent record in territory assignation.
  • Verbal dexterity and excellent communication skills to convince clients to make a purchase.

Medical Sales Education and Qualifications:

The educational qualifications of the medical sales agent are as follows:

  • High school degree or equivalent GED
  • Bachelor’s degree in communications, marketing, medical office management [not mandatory]
  • Certified Sales Professional certification

Medical Sales Salary:

Such an individual receives a base salary of around 30,000USD per annum apart from commissions.