Accountant Job Specification

The primary task of an Accountant is to render accounting and financial services to the organization. The accountant prepares, fills and maintains the financial statements, balance sheets, payment and accounts related records and other files related with auditing and budgeting. They must also assess and measure the profit and loss rate of the company and forecast the budget related and investment related information and convey the same to the management for improvement and remedial strategies.

Accountant Specifications

In order to deliver the duties assigned perfectly, an accountant must possess some of the specifications as listed here.

  • Knowledge of accounting, economic, business and financial principles and methodologies.
  • Knowledge of government account laws, regulations and account auditing procedures.
  • Knowledge of arithmetic, analytical and logical reasoning.
  • Proficiency in working with computer and related applications.
  • Ability to interpret the accounting reports and data, and compile the reports.
  • Should possess good communicational and written skills as well as presentation and listening skills.
  • Ability to deliver the administrative and clerical functions.
  • Ability to maintain healthy personal and customer-oriented service relation with other employees and customers.
  • Ability to analyze the account details and data very carefully and identify any kind of problems and errors in them; corresponding the same to higher-level management officials.
  • Ability to troubleshoot any kind of complex account-related problems.
  • Should work in coordination with other employees; possess sound decision-making, monitoring and organizing skills.
  • Ability to pay keen attention to details.
  • Must be willing to work, even under stress and out of usual work timings.