HR Job Specification

The Human Resources (HR) professionals in an organization are very crucial and important for the overall working and success of the organization. Usually, the main job of the human resources professionals in an organization is to focus their work towards achieving the objectives and goals of the organization. They help the company in talent acquisition by recruiting and hiring skilled people after high-level interviews, arranging and conducting training and development programs to improve the working knowledge of the employees.

HR Specifications

The Human Resource professionals must possess certain key skills, qualities and abilities with wide knowledge on certain specific domains to accomplish their assigned tasks successfully. They are

  • Knowledge and familiarity with business, management and human resource related strategies and concepts.
  • Knowledge of arithmetic, analytical and logical concepts.
  • Knowledge and expertise in the techniques of recruitment and interviewing.
  • Strong communicational, writing and listening skills.
  • Creative thinking and impressive presentation skills.
  • Ability to make decisions wisely and almost correctly.
  • Ability to administer, monitor the employees and their work and interact with them.
  • Should possess good team-working skills and must be able to coordinate the work of the team in proper way.
  • Should possess highly motivational and confidence-building skills, in order to lead the employees towards achieving the organization’s objectives.
  • Should possess interpersonal and leadership skills.
  • Should possess good negotiation skills and ability to perform as intermediary in dialogues between employee unions and management as well as with other stakeholders.
  • Ability to arrange and conduct training and learning sessions.