An administrative job specification is used by the interested people, who are willing to apply for the suitable administrative job position. It is a detailed combination of administrative directorial key tasks, assigned organizational duties and clerical responsibilities. An administrative job specification consists of the description of education qualification, required skills and demanding job experiences suiting to the offer job designation. Such a job specification guides an interested candidate to achieve the deserving job at ease. However, an administrative job specification varies according to the different job designations.

Types of administrative job specifications:

  • Trainee administrator job specification
  • Office clerk job specification
  • Office administrator job specification
  • Operational manager job specification, etc

Following the important factor which should be mentioned in an administrative job specification:

  • Stay focus on the targeted job designation and evaluate the essential attributes which should be mentioned to cover the perquisites.
  • Do write about the job title, summary of the post along with reports to details in an administrative job specification to clear the objective of the job position.
  • Write the recommended qualifications such as bachelors in arts, business & M.BA, etc, and the required job experience such as knowledge of handling clerical tasks, managing records, preparing circulars, generating of invoices & payroll, etc.
  • Mention the desired skills such as excellent communication skills, interpersonal abilities and procedure driven qualities, etc demanded to justify a particular administrative job.

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