Advertising designer job description and profile


The world of advertising offers various designer jobs like creative designer, art designer, digital designer, production designer and illustration and graphic designer. Each job has its own requirements and skills but all the jobs thrive on creativity and innovative thinking in order to deliver out-of-the-box designs to the clients. A production designer has the most comprehensive job of all since he has to organize and coordinate all the ideas and make them customer friendly.


Advertising designer duties and responsibilities


The duties and responsibilities of an advertising designer are:

  • Creating advertising campaigns for the clients to suit their requirements and satisfaction
  • Creative designers have to come with campaign concepts and ideas and presenting the designs to the client
  • Art designers give a shape to concepts and ideas to use in different media like television, print and internet
  • Illustrator and graphic designers computerize the designs using various multimedia applications and software’s
  • Digital designers are responsible for creating 3D models of the design and produce the final look of the product

Advertising designer skills and specifications

The skills and specifications of advertising designers are:

  • Tremendous creativity and innovation
  • Out of the box thinking in order to highlight the client’s product amidst the highly competitive market
  • Ability to guage the pulse of the end-customers and design ads to attract them
  • A sound knowledge of marketing strategies in order to make the ads suitable for the strategies
  • Excellent communication skills to be able to interact with the clients and understand their requirements
  • Strong knowledge of computer and internet applications
  • Ability to blend well into a team and work together for creating an ad

Advertising designer educations and qualifications

The educations and qualifications for advertising designers are:

  • A bachelor’s or master’s degree in advertising
  • A degree or diploma in sales and marketing, public relations, communications, graphic design and computer applications

Advertising designer salary

The salary of the designers depends on the kind of designer they are. A creative designer can earn between $75,000 to $120,000 per annum, while for art designers, the salary ranges between $35,000 to $100,000 annually.