Design Director Job profile and Description


A design director is one of the most important people of a company. A design director generally designs the commercials for the products or services of a particular company. This job is a highly creative job and the design director has to think according to the public’ demand. The design director is responsible to design all kinds of commercials like in print media, electronic media and digital media for each and every product of the company, in which he or she is employed.

Design Director Job Duties and Responsibilities


  • A design director is responsible for the company’s brand identity.
  • A design director has to work with a big team and he or she will be responsible for the output of that whole team.

Design Director Job Skills and Specifications

  • A design director needs to be a highly creative person.
  • He or she should possess skills delivery systems, public relation, interactive communication, different kinds of process and many more.
  • He or she should possess great knowledge in designing, brand equity, and brand development.
  • He or she should be well-versed in software’s like Photoshop, Dreamweaver and others.
  • If he or she possesses knowledge in video editing then that is a plus for him or her.

Design Director Job Qualifications and Educations

  • An undergraduate in fine arts can apply for the position of a design director as in this position skills matter more than the certificates’ but if you have done a graduation in fine art, then that is much better.
  • You should have some experience in business management, traditional marketing and e-marketing.

Design Director Job Salary


  • Salary of a design director varies of person to person and company to company.
  • The salary range for a design director is $3000-$5000.