Fashion Model Job Profile and Description

Fashion modeling is one of the glamorous professions and is taken up by many youngsters who are photogenic and have a good physique. They are like the canvas of a designer, who puts his creations on a model and highlights its beauty. It is becoming increasingly popular among the youth, as it not only helps them to earn good money, but also exposes to wide and vibrant social life comprising photographers, designers and fashion house executives.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • A fashion model is supposed to enhance the beauty of a clothing line and so she must listen to the directions of the designer and carry the dress the way he wants her to
  • During photo shoots, it is very important for the model to understand the vision of the photographer and what he wants to portray, and accordingly she must pose for the photos
  • They need to understand and perform in the runway according to the requirements and theme of the design line
  • Fashion models may have to work for fit modeling, ramp or runway shows, informal modeling and or even print assignments and brand endorsements
  • Fit models help size the garment to fit a true size and need to stand for long hours, being measured and pinned, while tailors alter their sample garments

Skills and Specifications

  • The most important requirement for a model is to remain fit and healthy
  • They must be able to work under pressure and for long hours
  • They need to take care of the their skin, hair and overall appearance
  • They must have a knack for fashion and know how to follow the latest trends

Education and Qualifications

As far as education is concerned, one needs to not have any formal degrees to be a model. But there are many fashion schools which provide a diploma on fashion modeling.