Fashion Choreographer Job Profile and Description

Good fashion choreographers are essential in the success of a fashion show. They are responsible for training models on a number of things like how to walk the ramp, when to turn, how to pose, the best ways of presenting the clothes in an appealing and professional manner etc. Fashion choreography consists of various movement patterns that are followed by models on the ramp and these steps are matched with a piece music selected by the designer which adds rhythm to the walk.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • The fashion choreographer must pick a music or song to be used as a background music to which the models can walk on the ramp
  • They need to train the models and give instructions on posture, poise and movement
  • They must plan the fashion show in such a way that the designer’s clothes are properly highlighted and creates anticipation among the audience

Skills and Specifications

  • Fashion choreography is a creative art and one needs to have a keen sense of form, style and colors
  • The choreographer must be sensitive, receptive and at the same time objective to the subjects
  • He should have good communications skills in order to explain to the models what is required of them
  • They must study all facets of style, the fabric and according to the designer’s demands, he instructs the model to express that through the clothes and walk
  • They must be creative, confident and have a good stamina
  • They should be able to deal with pressure and work for odd and long hours
  • They must have an inherent sense of rhythm and fashion

Education and Qualifications

There are many institutes which teach fashion choreography. Some of them are merged into general choreography classes, while others offer exclusive diplomas in this field.