Fashion Publicist Job Profile and Description

A fashion publicist works with apparel companies and retail stores to build an image and create a variety of promotional offers in order to reach the target audience. They need to follow social and economic trends and determine how these trends can affect their client and based on that he makes recommendations for media events make their client popular with the target audience.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Fashion publicists are involved with the arrangement and publicity of fashion shows
  • They need to be in touch with the media like fashion magazine editors about featuring their client and products
  • He suggests ways which will help the client be in the public limelight and through various media and strategies
  • They also have to get their client media coverage in TV shows, radio shows, and the print media
  • They build an image and help in the launching of a store or a new line of products or brand
  • They need to organise fashion shows and create awareness about that
  • They are involved in sample sales
  • Networking is very important in the fashion world so they also organise designer and other parties
  • They oversee the ┬ápromotion and production of events

Skills and Specifications

  • A fashion consultant must have excellent communication and people skills
  • He must be have good networking skills and interact with a lot of people from the fashion world and media, which will help them meet future clients too
  • They must be willing to work hard and for long hours
  • They must be fashion conscious and know about the latest fashion trends and developments

Education and Qualifications

In order to become a fashion publicist, one can go for a general course in public relations or specialise in fashion. There are many mass communication institutes which provide such courses.