Fashion Sales Job Profile and Description

A fashion sales executive generally works for a wholesaler or manufacturer of the fashion accessories. Fashion sales representative has to take care of the sales of the organization in which he or she is working in. Fashion sales executive has to deals with the existing clients of the company and along with that he or she has to meet to the prospect clients and has to deliver the presentation about the advantage of the products of his or her company.

Fashion Sales Job Duties and Responsibilities

  • As the name suggests the first and foremost responsibility of a fashion sales executive is to sell the fashion garments and fashion accessories of the company in which he or she is employed.
  • A fashion sales executive’s main responsibility is to retain and serve the former clients of the organization properly and apart from that he or she always try to bring new clients by meeting new prospect constantly.
  • Extensive travel is always on the cards for a fashion sales executive.

Fashion Sales Job Skills and Specifications


  • The fashion sales executive should possess ability to woo new clients from round the globe.
  • Along with that he or should know well, how to retain the old clients.
  • The fashion sales executive should possess the ability to solve the queries of the clients about the products.


Fashion Sales Job Qualification and Education


  • To get a fashion sales job, you should possess a degree in fashion marketing from any of the reputed institutions of the world.
  • Along with the degree you should have gone under any training program in order to get a job of fashion sales executive.

Fashion Sales Job Salary


  • The salary range for fashion sales executive is $4000-$5000 per month.