Fashion Textile Manufacturer Job Profile and Description

Fashion textile manufacturers are also known as apparel manufacturers and they are primarily involved in the design, cutting, and sewing of clothes from the fabric. Their work may not be as glamorous as models and designers but they form an integral part of the fashion world and have an important role to play.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Fashion textile manufacturers have a wide range of responsibilities depending on the area in which they work
  • They are mainly involved with converting natural and manufactured fibers into usable products
  • They clean the fabric using various processes and apply colours and dyes or make patterns in the textile according to the demands of the designer
  • Fashion textile manufacturers also work as contractors or sub contractors, which generally manufacture apparel from materials owned by other companies
  • Bigger manufacturers, however, often contract production to such contractors and subcontractors
  • Some textile manufacturers are vertically integrated, producing the textiles from which they make different clothes
  • Textile manufacturers may also operate retail outlets
  • Some of them need to operate machinery that makes the fiber and yarn which ultimately produce the fabrics
  • They also have to show their expertise in the areas of design, research, and marketing

Skills and Specifications

  • Fashion textile manufacturers must have knowledge of the different chemicals and technical factors required in the manufacture of fabrics
  • They should know how to operate the necessary machinery
  • They should pay attention to minute details
  • They must be creative and understand the demands of the designer

Education and Qualifications

In order to be a fashion textile manufacturer, one can go for courses in physics, chemistry, mathematics etc. There are many institutes which provide training in the field of textile technology either through degrees or diplomas. Most of the work is learnt on the job though.