Fashion Trend Forecaster Job Profile and Description

Fashion is a field which is always in a state of flux — what may be in today, may be outdated tomorrow. In order to be ahead of one’s peers and competitors, fashion houses, designer and models take the help of fashion forecasters. These forecasters discover new and innovative styles and trends and predict which will be the popular trends for the next fashion season.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • He needs to conduct research on the trends of the day in order to make forecasts related to the fashion world
  • He should use his creativity, imagination and should be able to come up with new themes, designs, patterns, etc.
  • Based on his research, he gives his inputs to the designer and helps him design garments according to the predicted popular colours, textures and fabrics
  • They need to provide operational and creative support to designers, helping to grow and maintain relationships with vendors and magazine editors
  • If they work for a particular fashion house, they must keep track of what the competition is doing

Skills and Specifications

  • He must have thorough knowledge of fashion and an inherent fashion sense
  • He needs to have good research skills and know the history of styles to predict the future trends
  • He must have good communication and networking skills and must be in touch with designers, retailers etc to predict what would be the new trends
  • He must be creative, imaginative and follow the latest developments in the social and economic environment

Education and Qualifications

There aren’t any specific courses available for fashion trend forecasting but one can enroll for a course in fashion designing or fashion merchandising. Basically, most of the work is learnt on the job and so the forecaster needs to follow developments and have a natural talent for fashion.