Retail fashion Job Profile and Description

Retail fashion is a wide field which offers a range of jobs like area and store manager to sales assistant, retail supervisor to specialist areas such as buyer and stock control. One may work for a small independent shop or for large and well-known elite brands.

Duties and Responsibilities

Job responsibilities of a person working in this field depend on his profile. These are the common duties one has to follow:

  • One must deal with customers in the store and help to sell goods
  • He should be able to handle payments and ensure that the products are attractively displayed in the store
  • If any customer has any query, he must offer advice and answer those questions
  • He should keep track of stock availability and manage them, order stock and oversee delivery
  • He must also help with special promotions
  • Senior employees like store managers must train and motivate the staff and take care of managerial duties
  • He must manage stock levels, analyse sales figures and forecast future sales

Skills and Specifications

  • A person interested in working in this field must enjoy fashion and have knowledge about what’s happening in the fashion world
  • One must be willing to work for long hours and should be physically fit especially if he has been entrusted with ground work
  • He should be able to work in a team and coordinate with all other departments
  • He should possess good communication and people skills
  • He must be committed towards customer service and should cheerfully help people
  • He should be ell-groomed and have possess a stylish fashion sense

Education and Qualifications

There is no need for any specific qualifications for fashion retailing. A keen sense of fashion and enthusiasm helps. Degrees or diplomas in fashion designing and merchandising also helps.