Agriculture Engineer Career Description

An agriculture engineer works for the improvement in agricultural methods through engineering technologies. Candidates who want to become agricultural engineers must have a firm background in the field of agriculture and engineering. They need to focus on natural, and hybrid ways to improve agricultural production. They also take into account the effect of different agricultural techniques on the environment. Agriculture engineers may also work outside the domain of farm. They might work to manage water resources, rehabilitating people, developing rural areas, etc. This is a very lucrative career opportunity and one with the right kind of skills and knowledge can fight innumerable opportunities in this sector.

Agriculture Engineer Job Career Description

  • Candidates who want to become agriculture engineers must know the engineering, mechanical and civil techniques well in order to work to protect the renewable resources.
  • Agricultural engineers can work in various divisions like designing, developing, R & D, planning, consulting, etc.
  • They need to combine theoretical and practical resources to come up with advanced technologies to sustain life on earth’s environment.
  • Agriculture engineers can find work opportunities in many government and private organizations to help develop the agricultural sector through innovative, better, and robust methods.
  • Agricultural engineers are useful resources of a country to save and protect different agriculture varieties and opt for new methodologies and protect the sector from people who want to introduce better but harmful technologies.

Agriculture Engineer Career Salary

Candidates who want to work in the field of agricultural engineering will find opportunities in the following sectors – agricultural machinery, engineering services, environmental research, and environmental consulting among others. Candidates must have educational background in agriculture and engineering. Most of the agricultural engineering work force has around 1-4 years of work experience. By National Data estimates, the annual salary of an agricultural engineer is about $36,000 to $86,000. The median salary stands at $58,000 per year.