Bank Teller Job Duties

The highest customer profile job in a bank is that of the bank teller who is always on the bank’s front lines.  Already supplanted by automated teller machines (ATMs) operating 24 x 7, the position remains in demand for bank clients who prefer to transact face to face with their banking needs, including special deposits and withdrawals they prefer handled in the banks rather than ATMs.  There’s often no substitute to a personal touch.

Job Duties

  • Creates the right impression to the bank customer by having a friendly and courteous disposition in handling customer accounts.
  • Reconciles start of day cash with deposit and withdrawals throughout the day and makes an end of day matching.
  • Accept and process deposit and withdrawals from bank clients with active accounts by first verifying authenticity and accuracy of account balances to meet client requirements before proceeding further in any cash transactions.
  • Advices the bank client of the proper forms to fill out when making deposits when encountering the wrong forms being submitted.
  • Ensure proper client identification when encashing checks or large withdrawals.
  • Ensure that standard service turnarounds times are complied with in any teller transaction.
  • Directs clients to the proper banking support staff or when dealing with banking transactions beyond the purview of the teller function such as making loans.
  • Inputs accurate transaction details in the bank’s teller system in compliance with the bank rules and procedures.
  • Provides first level resolution to client complaints on any banking account disputes or issues.