Firefighter Job Duties

A great service to the community often overlooked until an emergency strikes, a firefighter has been known not just to be there controlling fires, but are there in times of natural disasters to help recover and save victims in hurricanes, flooding and earthquakes.  But their primary duty is to control and subdue a developing fire situation before they engulf surrounding areas.  They are tasked not just to save building and residences but also control forest fires, respond to emergency road and airport tarmac accidents.

Job Duties

  • Always on the alert and ready to be deployed in a moment’s notice when the emergency alarm in the fire station sounds off.
  • Administer cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) to unconscious victims downed by heavy smoke in a fire as well as first aid treatment for fire victims.
  • Identify the nature of fire and the building construction design as well as the materials inside to ensure that protective outfit and equipment to combat a raging fire are adequate.
  • Search out, locate and rescue fire victims downed or disabled by smoke in a building on fire.
  • Operate fire fighting equipment and drive fire trucks.
  • Ensure that protective fire resistant suits and breathing gears are adequate when entering rooms engulfed in flames.
  • Operate water hydrants and pumps to bring water to high pressure hoses equipped with the proper nozzles for the type of fire as well as deploy the proper chemicals to control the fire.
  • Participate and involve community in fire drills and information dissemination in responding to emergency situation before the firefighters arrive.