Teacher Job Duties

Becoming a teacher has its specialties.  You can be a pre-school or day care teacher, a grade school, high school teacher or post secondary teacher.   In addition, there are specialized teaching positions for specific subjects such as foreign language teacher, a history teacher, a science teacher or mathematics teacher. All these teaching positions share the same basic responsibility in imparting knowledge and skills to the student using the right teaching plan and aids to prepare them in careers or vocations.

Job Duties

  • Comply with the learning plan developed from the required curriculum of the school year or course.
  • Prepare a daily lesson plan to ensure that the specific items for leaning for the day are carried out.
  • Ensure that students are instructed in and comply with the school policies and classroom and school premise decorum and behavior, including the wearing of prescribed uniforms and schools IDs.
  • Design the required exams and testing templates for gauging student academic learning progress
  • Invite and meet with parents and guardians of their students on a regular basis, especially problematic students.
  • Counsel students with dismal school performance and make recommended actions plans to correct deficiencies.
  • Provide learning incentives and motivation programs to encourage students to participate more actively in classroom work as well as extracurricular activities.
  • Recommend exemplary students for the proper award recognition at the end of each semester or school year.
  • Recommend remedial exams and classes for non-performing students.
  • Keep updated on new and emerging information related to their specific subjects being taught.

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