A banking job specification, as the name depicts, is drafted by the experts to help the interested candidates to evaluate their abilities and to opt for the right banking job position. A banking job specification includes vast criteria of education, experience of professional management, clerical responsibilities and deep knowledge of documentation. Banking job specifications are prepared for the clerical, sales & marketing and banking customer care departments depending upon the offered vacancy. Bank manager, bank teller, banking sales officer and banking loan consultant are the job categories, which are processed differently to prepare a candidate friendly job specification. Therefore, a banking job specification can be varied according to the bank field and the job designation.

Types of bank job specifications:

  • Bank clerk job specification
  • Assistant bank manager job specification
  • Investment banker job specification
  • Bank help disk job specification, etc

Following mentioned attributes must be considered to create an impressive bank job specification:

  • Stay focused on the bank job position and important points must be used to draft a desired bank job specification.
  • Mention the job title, summary of job and reports to details for clearing the aim of a bank job specification.
  • Write the perquisite educational skills such as graduation & post graduation in business management, commerce, arts, finance and marketing field along with the sound computer knowledge.
  • Mention the recommended capabilities such as effective communication & interpersonal skills, ability to handle the banking records and potential to generate the bank business along with demanded accounting experience, etc.
  • Do mention, if any additional knowledge and skills are required to qualify in the bank job profile.

Bank Manager Job Specification

Loan Officer Job Specification

Investment Banking Analyst Job Specification