Veterinary Job Duties

Just like the medical profession, there are specialized positions in animal health and medical care under the umbrella veterinary jobs.  You can be a veterinary doctor or surgeon, lab assistant as well as technologist or technician which is the equivalent a nurse with added technical duties. Any of these jobs could land you in a pet care clinic in your neighborhood, a pharmaceutical firm or a zoo for wild exotic animals. In addition, a veterinary job is further complicated the different medical requirements of various animal species, unlike humans who only belong in one species.

Job Duties

  • Diagnose the right ailment in pets and exotic animals exhibiting textbook symptoms or unusual behaviour patterns.
  • Handle animals for extracting substances to be used in laboratory and clinical tests.
  • Perform surgical procedures or assist veterinary specialists in surgical operations.
  • Perform autopsies and prepare reports accordingly.
  • Perform quarantine procedures on pets and wild animals destined for zoos or laboratory research.
  • Supervise veterinary technologists and technicians in animal handling and heath care tasks as necessary
  • Refer special animal ailments to confirm initial diagnosis to specialist veterinarians when needed.
  • Participate in designing and planing health care programs for pets as well as clinical trials of new medicines for treating animal diseases.
  • Stay abreast with medical findings and emerging health carte trends for animals.
  • Deal with veterinarian pharmacies in securing common medicines and vaccines in your practice.
  • Advice pet owners of the proper nutritional requirements of their pets.