A bank manager is responsible for handling banking operations and activities of the bank staff. A bank manager functions to increase the number of deposit accounts, encourages the savings of the existing customers and works to enhance the level of customer satisfaction by dealing with potential clients. Assigning the day- to- day targets among the staff, preparing incentive programs to attract the more customers and inspecting the encountered accounts issues are the major job duties of a bank manager. Therefore, a bank manager should have the decision making capabilities, excellent interpersonal skills and effective accounting knowledge to cope with the regular issues.

Bank Manager Job Specifications:

  • Brilliant commendation skills to deal with the high profiles customers and ability to advise the right banking products for increasing the amount of deposits in the bank accounts.
  • Understanding of all banking terms, types of account, reports, records and ledger books to investigate, if any accounts problem persists.
  • Ability to develop the new incentive programs, assigning daily targets to the marketing team and coordinating with the regional bank office to discuss the serious financial & customer issues.
  • Implementing and following the bank strategies & policies, initiated by the banking board of directors to draw the expected outcome from the concerned bank individuals.
  • Taking care of NRI clients & teller banking areas to forward the customer requirements to the higher authorities for introducing more creative and affordable banking products.
  • Skills to communicate with Solicitors, commerce development agencies and charted accountants for further suggestions in legal banking cases.