An investment banking analyst works to evaluate the existing finance conditions of a bank according to the current economic and social affairs. Investing the annual banking results, preparing effective finance analyse reports and suggesting the peak time to initiate the investments are the core job responsibilities of this designation.  An investment banking analyst must have sound the knowledge of retail & financial services and crucial financial factors play a vital role to bring the profit on investments. Therefore, an investment banking analyst coordinates with the product managers, accounts managers and fund manager to assist them for benefiting the bank.

Investment Banking Analyst Job Specifications:

  • Ability to communicate with the vice president, bank manager and team leaders to assist them in understanding the upcoming investment plans by analysing the existing banking annual reports.
  • Knowledge of writing effective venture reports, preparing investment proposals, managing investment schedules and issuing analytical banking newsletters.
  • Good hold on potential buyers, banking investors and stock holders for managing financial data.
  • Ability to develop the potential investment banking policies, preparing effectual presentations and evaluating the newly introduced marketing products for generating the comparison sheets and suggesting the effective investment solutions according to the same.
  • Capability to keep an eye over banking transactions, making a list of high profile clients for initiating them to invest money in upcoming banking products by analysing their current profile.
  • Aptitude to work under pressure and to motivate the investment analyst department by training them for the future.
  • Experience of preparing investment memoranda by demonstrating the key features of the client companies.