Healthcare Administration Job Profile and Description

A health care administrator is an individual who works in a health care organization like a hospital, clinic, nursing home etc. They are responsible for looking after the administration of the organization and have to ensure that the operations in the health organization run smoothly. They also have to oversee that the planned procedures are carried out properly. Meeting the needs of the patients is also taken care by a healthcare administrator. They may also have to hire new staff for the organization as per requirement. A health care administrator also has to ensure that new staffs get ample training opportunities. A health care administrator may implement new policies and ensure execution of existing policies.

Healthcare Administration Duties and Responsibilities

The various duties and responsibilities required to be carried out by a health care administrator are as follows:

  • Planning various activities at a health care organization.
  • Directing the operations of the health care organization
  • Ensuring that the existing policies of the organization are followed
  • Making sure that the needs of the patients are met and they receive proper care
  • Looks after staff funding
  • Hiring new staff whenever required
  • Organizing training for new staffs
  • Ensuring that there are technological innovations in the organization

Healthcare Administration Skills and Specifications

There are skills and specifications that an individual needs to possess in order to work as a health care administrator. They are as follows:

  • Must have good administration skills
  • Should have ability to work for long hours
  • Needs to possess excellent managerial skills

Healthcare Administration Education and Qualification

The educational qualifications required for a health care administrator are:

  • Bachelors degree in health care administration
  • Masters degree in health care administration

Healthcare Administration Salary

The average annual salary of a health care administrator is $73000.