Broadcast Journalism Job Profile and Description:

Broadcast journalists are typically required to collect information from a news scene, gather the date and organize it, and present it to an audience. The broadcast journalist works in a number of media like television, radio and so on. He is basically a news reporter, and therefore the job profile of such an individual includes objectivity and factual information.

A non-biased reporting style has to be cultivated by the broadcast journalist and he may also be required to conduct interviews, report stories, and provide live updates from the scene of the news event and such like tasks.

Broadcast Journalism Duties and Responsibilities:

The duties and responsibilities of a broadcast journalist are as follows:

  • To gather news, compile it and report to an audience. A broadcast journalist is involved in all stages of news production from collation to the final presentation.
  • To have a fair idea of each stage of broadcast journalism and to be involved in an objective and factual style of news reporting.
  • To provide only the truth to the audience since they deserve nothing but the real unvarnished facts of a news event.

Broadcast Journalism Skills and Specifications:

The skills and specifications of a broadcast journalist are as follows:

  • Complete understanding of computer technology like database reporting, computer graphics and so on.
  • At least 5 years of extensive work experience as a broadcast journalist.

Broadcast Journalism Education and Qualifications:

The education and qualifications of a broadcast journalism agent are as follows:

  • Associate Degree in Broadcast Journalism
  • Bachelor’s degree in Journalism
  • Master’s degree in Broadcast Journalism

Broadcast Journalism Salary:

Such an individual earns a salary of around 43,000 USD per annum on an average. This depends to a great extent on the firm he is attached to, his position, work experience and individual competence.