Photo Editor Job Description:

The photo editor is one who works for a newspaper, magazine, website or a book publishing house. They are required to edit select, position and publish the photos that are attached along with the relevant content. These editors are generally requires to handle staff photographers and give them the required assignments and deadlines in order to complete the project within a given period of time.

Photo Editor Duties and Responsibilities:

The photo editor’s duties vary according to the industry he or she is associated with. This can be understood best after a through discussion with the managers. Essentially, the duties comprise of:

  • Ensuring relevant pictures are attached to the article
  • Handing proper assignments to the staff
  • Changes and modifications done to the photos
  • Some photo editors are also responsible for taking the photos themselves
  • He or she is also responsible for training new photographers to ensure the equipment and the assignments are handled carefully.

Photo Editor Skills and Specifications:

  • Should be able to handle different editing software and technical equipment
  • Must be an expert in editing and computer imaging
  • Should be an expert photographer
  • Must be able to supervise a larger group of photographers
  • Ability to meet all assignment deadlines
  • Handling freelance photographers and assigning relevant jobs

Photo Editor Education and Qualifications:

  • Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in Photography, Digital Media, Visual Arts
  • Certification in Photo Editing, Studio Design and Digital imaging
  • Certification from theoretical coursework such as Art History
  • Certification in Studio Lighting, Digital Editing and Color Photography

Photo Editor Salary:

This is largely dependent on the employer and also the experience of the photo editor. The average income per annum for such a post is $ 59000 but this can differ accordingly.