Legal Secretary Job Description:

The legal secretary is one who handles the legal terms and conditions, court filings and legal procedures of different documents along with other office work. He or she must have proper training and basic legal educational foundation for any legal firm. There are various training programs and universities that offer such courses and this is important for employment.

Legal Assistant Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Must do proper legal research for all legal writings assigned
  • Must know the general procedures for every case. There are different subpoenas, rules, deeds etc which is needed to be kept in mind.
  • Proficiency in typing and basic knowledge of using the computer
  • Should be good with organizing and filing different documents

Legal Secretary Skills and Specifications:

  • Should know Microsoft Office and different OS programs.
  • Should be good with record management
  • Should be proficient in verbal and written communication
  • Should meet different criteria for different legal projects
  • Should be able to handle different temperaments of lawyers in charge

Legal Secretary Education and Qualifications:

  • A Bachelor’s Degree in Business Mathematics Business Communications and Business law
  • Master’s Degree in Business Law
  • Certification in secretarial training, legal research, law office administration, criminal law, records management, and legal writing.
  • Certification from the National Association of Legal Secretaries (NALS): Professional Legal Secretary (PLS)
  • It is also important that the legal secretary gets at least two years of experience to increase efficiency. This can be done through internships at different institutes.

Legal secretary Salary:

The income of a legal secretary depends on the employer. This is also dependent on the experience and the type of law firm one is attached to. The average annual income that a legal secretary can earn is $40,000. However, this is subject to change.