Television Producer Profile and Description

A television producer is in charge of planning general shows, news bulletin, documentaries etc. for the TV. Television producers are responsible for collecting all important components required for producing a program that includes scripts, research materials and props.

The producer helps in casting the main actors and hiring other members of the production for the shows. He closely supervises the crew for ensuring that the production runs effectively and is within a budget.

Television Producer Duties and Responsibilities

The common duties and responsibilities of a television producer include the following:

  • Provide research and assess finished scripts and ideas.
  • Commission writers or secure rights to plays, novels, screenplays etc.
  • Build and develop network of contacts.
  • Liaise and discuss projects with the sponsors. These include projects that vary from small projects to large ones.
  • Hiring the key staff like director, cameraman, production manager etc.
  • Pulling all strands together practical and creative talent involving projects for the creative team.
  • Organizing the shooting schedules that are dependent on the type of producers and the availability of support staff.

Television Producer Skills and Specifications

The core skills and specifications required from a television producer include the following:

  • Superb communication and interpersonal skills.
  • Ability to handle a large team of actors and technicians.
  • Ability to stay organized even while juggling numerous projects simultaneously

Television Producer Education and Qualification

The common educational qualifications that a television producer must have are as follows:

  • Graduation in media studies or mass communication from any recognized university.
  • At least five years’ experience in a similar capacity at a leading TV software production company or as an assistant to a senior producer.

Television Producer Salary

Television producers are usually paid a salary of $76,000. Many senior producers play a greater role of a TV company director.