Disc Jockey Job Description:

Disc Jockeys or DJs are ones who broadcast music for different commercial purposes. They are responsible for music for different interviews, commercials and commentaries that are broadcast periodically as per schedule. This career requires experience more than educational requirements.

Disc Jockey Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Must be adept at handling different technical broadcast equipment.
  • Should ensure smooth running of the program
  • Must be able to speak to a live audience at any given point of the program
  • Should be flexible to work different shifts
  • Taking song requests, performing interviews and questioning callers are all essential job duties of the DJ.
  • Must have a strong voice and personality which will help attract different listeners

Disc Jockey Skills and Specifications:

  • Should be well acquainted with all types of music from contemporary to classic
  • Should be fluent in English especially for verbal communications. Should also have clean pronunciation.
  • Should be able to provide entertainment at any kind of environment be in restaurants, malls, radio stations etc.
  • Should be able to handle the right equipment at the right moment
  • Up to date with the latest news and information
  • Must be very apt with the timing.

Disc Jockey Education and Qualifications:

  • A bachelor’s degree in Radio broad casting
  • An associate degree in radio broadcasting: This will familiarize the DJ with the equipment and software required during the performances.
  • A bachelor’s degree in Media Business can also be relevant which will help in understanding the type of music that the demographic listeners prefer.
  • Entry level experience through college, small radio station etc jobs.

Disc Jockey Salary:

The disc jockey salary varies and for freelancers this is dependent on the project. The average salary of the DJ is about $78,000 per annum.