Broadcast News Analyst Job Profile and Description:

A broadcast news analyst is basically a newsreader or a news anchor, whose primary task is to report events making news from around the world. He or she introduces the TV-watching audience to on-site reporters, provides live updates about events happening around the world, collects and presents data in an accurate manner and generally keeps the audience well-informed.

Thus the job profile is one of objectivity and complete accuracy, whereby the broadcast news analyst can be trusted to provide the correct information. Such a person works generally in the field of television media, but radio broadcasts are also common.

Broadcast News Analyst Duties and Responsibilities:

The duties and responsibilities of a broadcast news analyst are:

  • To gather information about a particular news event from reporters and present it to the audience in an objective yet interesting manner, aided by multimedia tools.
  • Editing news items, analysing them and creating program content depending on priority lists and breaking news.
  • Hold meetings and discussions with channel head honchos to decide budget, timings, schedules, programs and so on.

Broadcast News Analyst Skills and Specifications:

The skills and specifications of a broadcast news analyst are as follows:

  • Excellent word processing skills, ability to publish desktop articles, familiarity with computer generated graphics, MS Office Suit, are important. The broadcast news analyst must also be able to read and work with computer assisted news feeds.
  • The familiarity with computer databases and basic technical photography may also be required of a broadcast news analyst.
  • At least 5 years of experience as a broadcast news analyst is necessary.

Broadcast News Analyst Education and Qualifications:

The degrees required of a broadcast news analyst are:

  • Bachelor’s degree in journalism or mass communication
  • Bachelors; degree in other fields like economics, political science and international relations with a diploma in journalism.

Broadcast News Analyst Salary:

Such individuals earn up anything between 45,000USD to 140,000 USD per annum depending on post and position.