Video Editor Job Description:

The video editor is responsible for putting raw visual footage together with the help of digital editing software. They are associated with a number of industries such as advertising, film and broadcasting. There are various degrees offered by different institutions which are essential in order to gain employment in this field. Experience is also important for at least two years before this post is assigned.

Video Editor Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Putting together footage so as to create a sequential narrative in the video story
  • Overseeing projects that require video footage and ensuring it is relevant
  • Directing and editing video footage
  • Ensuring that the video matches the audio footage
  • Managing different camera points of the same video

Video Editor Skills and Specifications:

  • The video editor should be able to manage different projects at the same time concerning video input
  • Should be able to handle different staff members
  • Must be adept in handling video and camera equipment
  • Should be able to assign and hire freelancers
  • Must meet deadlines for all projects. This is crucial for live shows.

Video Editor Education and Qualifications:

  • Bachelor of Fine Arts in Video Production and Film: This is an essential requirement where students are taught cinematography, editing, writing as well as directing. There are also history and theoretical areas covered.
  • Master of Fine Arts in Video Production and Film: This is where the student gains specialized knowledge about film making and production

Video Editor Salary:

Those who work within the film industry get slightly higher salaries than those in advertising and broadcasting, although not always.  The video editor is likely to earn a salary per annum between $29,316 and $44,693 but this also requires at least 4 to 5 years of experience.