Media Specialist Job Profile and Description:

A media specialist chiefly trains others to handle media and its various equipments as required in individual fields. In other words, depending on the kind of space the media specialist works in, like a school, a library, an office, he will teach and explain the members working in that space the manner in which to handle the various media equipment present, and how to use media to the best advantage.

The media specialist needs to have a lot of experience and technical knowledge himself in order to impart it to others, and this makes this job quite formidable and challenging.

Media Specialist Duties and Responsibilities:

The duties and responsibilities of a media specialist are as follows:

  • To maintain and make catalogues of available media equipment and material, and to arrange for training lessons whenever demanded by the client.
  • To set up the required media equipments for presentations, screenings and so on, as and when needed by the client. They are in charge of the equipment.
  • To constantly update and maintain the available material which requires media equipment to work, for example, library catalogues, films, photographs and so on.

Media Specialist Skills and Specifications:

The skills and specifications of a media specialist are as follows:

  • Experience of at least 5 years in handling media equipment for large firms or institutions.
  • Complete and thorough knowledge of the field of the media and how various kinds of interactions can be made possible through the use of various kinds of media.
  • Good communication skills as training and teaching will require interaction with others.

Media Specialist Education and Qualifications:

The education and qualifications of a media specialist include:

  • Bachelor’s degree in relevant field like library science or Media Management
  • Assistant degree courses in Media Science

Media Specialist Salary:

Such people earn around 35,000 to 50,000 USD per annum.