Clerical Job Duties

There’s not one job that can’t benefit from having a properly organized filing system, have someone to do the paper and legwork for administration as well as provide help in keeping up with client appointments, meetings and work schedule.  That’s where clerical support enters.  A clerical job can be indispensable in many situations especially when you want undiminished efficiency and the least distraction in your work.

Job Duties

  • Receive clients in an office and answer telephone calls as well as draft email message on behalf of the executive or professional to whom the clerk is assigned.
  • Maintain client records and ensure each one is updated before filing.
  • Ensure that filing is organized with easy access anytime.  It can be using a manual filing cabinet or a directory system on the PC. Either way, the clerks is responsible to ensure that thee filed information is secured and protected against unauthorized access.
  • Schedule appointments, meetings and conferences according to the prioritization defined by the executive.
  • Administer survey questionnaire to clients
  • Arrange travel papers, airline tickets, land transfers and hotel accommodations when on a business trip.
  • Track daily office expenses and create summary reports on actual versus budgeted expenses.
  • Maintain proper inventory of office supplies and other materials, instruments and appliances required in the office.
  • Ensure office premise is adequately clean and all repairs attended to by the proper 3rd party maintenance providers.
  • Provide staff with necessary copies of corporate directives, service bulletins,  product presentations and other materials needed for staff to perform their work properly.