Marketing Job Duties

Creating and sustaining demand for the company’s products and services are the responsibilities of any marketing professional.  Making sure that the prices are competitive for the product features, harnessing all the possible pipeline channels for distribution and having the appropriate promotional campaigns to heighten market awareness on the brand are the fundamental duties behind the responsibility.

Job Duties

  • Create the marketing plan incorporating the objectives and strategies that can bring to bear the 4 P’s (product, price, pipeline and promotion) to develop market demand and move its inventory to realize the sales objectives and business growth from it.
  • Plan and implement customer relations programs to enhance and strengthen current customer base as well as recover lost market grounds due to marketing or selling errors in the past.
  • Develop appropriate advertising and public relations campaign within budgets to support new product launches and position the brands where they can get the most market exposure and patronage.
  • Recruit, train, motivate and manage staff in market research, competitor intelligence research, product or service development and loyalty programs.
  • Manage and provide direction in R&D efforts to bring products above the competition.
  • Analyze competiting products and services and what make them tick to their markets.
  • Participate in the selection of suppliers and vendors needed to support your products as well distribution outlets, dealers and agencies that will not diminish your product reputation or brand image, making sure they are distributed in the right markets (i.e., upscale brands in upscale markets).