Administrative Job Duties

Administrative duties are done as part of the responsibilities of an HR Manager, an Office Manager, Executive Secretary, an Administrative Assistant, Coordinator or Manager.  Just about all management positions include personnel and office facility administration which are basically what it’s about. You also have building and security administrators as well as network administrators in IT.

Job Duties

  • Coordinate with HR on employee problems with salary and benefit administration, career development including concerns on employee relations.
  • Coordinate with building administrator on concerns about electrical problems that is giving office appliances intermittent operations.
  • Coordinate with security on issues affecting asset losses in the office
  • Prepare regular reports to management on problems and issues encountered by workers and unsolved facility problems which may require getting elevated to higher authorities for prompt action.
  • Secure regular financial reports from accounting and analyze spending trends and identify sudden unexplained spending spikes and dips.
  • Communicate new corporate directives and policies to staff and have them cascade to the information to the ranks.
  • Organize office filing system, whether automated or manual.
  • Ensure that new hires are provided their ID, access badges, locker room keys and other tools required in the conduct of their daily work.
  • Ensure the new hires get the proper classroom orientation and on the job training to bring them up to speed with their learning curves.
  • Schedule regular and ad hoc meeting between management and staff; monitor attendance to these meeting and prepare meeting minutes.
  • Ensure that office procedures and decorum are complied with at all times.
  • Monitor attendance and track availment of employee leaves.