Clinical Research Manager Career Description

Clinical therapies and trials are to be conducted in a safe and secure environment while complying with all regulations and this is the job of a Clinical research manager. A Clinical research manager is responsible to conduct all clinical trials to research and come up with breakthrough findings. The person is also accountable for ensuring a safe environment of clinical trial practice and should not harm any man, animal or environment. Candidates who want to become a Clinical research manager should have an academic background in medicine or life sciences with a few years of rich experience in the field of clinical research. Candidates should also be patient with the developments of clinical trials as breakthroughs may not be achieved very often.

Clinical Research Manager Job Career Description

  • A Clinical research manager should develop an able team of clinical research professionals who are able to conduct clinical trials and report their findings in a timely manner.
  • A Clinical research manager should have good analytical skills to review and certify the findings of the team. He should also have good interpersonal skills and develop rapport with his team so that they can discuss and interpret the results in a friendly atmosphere.
  • A Clinical research manager should incentivise the good performers by compensating then well and also providing benefits. The success of the team depends on how well employees in the team are able to feel inclusive and how well their efforts are getting recognised.

Clinical Research Manager Career Salary

Candidates who want to pursue career as a Clinical Research manager should possess education in medicine, clinical research, etc. Candidates can search for job openings in the sectors like Clinical Research, health care, medical services, etc. To become a Clinical Research manager, candidates should have work experience of at least 8-10 years in this field. According to the salary estimates published in the National Salary data after detailed research by Pay Scale, the annual compensation of a Clinical Research manager can range from $44,000 to $111,000 with the median salary being $78,000 per year.