Customer service administrative job profile and description

This is a role that combines the basic rules of customer care and administration. The successful applicant will be able to handle the various challenges of the roles together with the tight schedules that are associated with this role. In some cases the person doing the job will effectively be organizing the lives of senior executives. They have to focus on the customer care requirements within the organization.

Customer service administrative duties and responsibilities

The duties and responsibilities that are associated with the customer service administrative role include:

  1. Logging customer inquiries.
  2. Following up customer complaints.
  3. Maintaining some sort of records of customer feedback.
  4. Liaising with different administrative or front end departments.

Customer service administrative skills and specifications

The skills and specifications associated with the role of customer service administrative officers are:

  1. Advanced communication skills.
  2. The ability to write simple but effective reports.
  3. Team working skills.
  4. Advanced organizational skills.

Customer service administrative education and qualification

There are no specific qualifications that are associated with the role of customer service administrative officer. Instead each organization will attempt to find the best fit in terms of the general skills levels. It might be useful if the applicant has the following qualifications:

  1. A good all round education up to “O” level.
  2. Numeracy and literacy qualifications.
  3. Computer qualifications.
  4. Generalized administrative qualifications.

Customer service administrative salary

The salary for the role of customer service administrative officer is varied. However it is not thought to touch the highest echelons of the organizational structure. In the first instance you could be earning about $20,000. However this could rise to $40,000 if you obtain experience. There are people that start off this role and end up on a managerial level where they supervise administrative services within the organization.