Doctor Career Description

A career in the medical profession is centered on the doctor. The careers brings you to one of noblest professions that aims to treat diseases and restores a person’s health and vitality.

  • A doctor can be a generalist with the “MD” suffixed to his name, as in a family physician or a hospital’s resident physician.
  • Or he can be a specialist with a PhD.  Hence, you have a cardiologist for the heart and blood vessels, the neurologist for the nervous system, am ophthalmologist for the eyes, etc.

Education and Licensing

Launching a doctor career  requires some of the most significant investment in time and money for the aspiring student.  Apart from a 4-year BS course, you need to undergo another 4 years in medical school.  But not before passing the MCAT (Medical Collage Admission Test) for admission to an accredited medical school.  You also need 2-3 years of internship to get an “MD” affixed to your name.

Then you must pass the 3-part USMLE (United States Medical Licensing Exam) to be recognized as a medical doctor.  But you still can’t practice your career until you pass the documentary licensing requirements of the state to practice your profession.


Doctors are always in high demand anywhere.  They often become employed as resident physicians in their hospital of internship during which time they often take their specialization course.  Or they can go into private practice setting up a clinic in their neighborhood.

According to the Medical Group Management Association’s Physician Compensation and Production Survey, a general practitioner earned a median annual of $186,000 in 8008, while specialists earned roughly $340,000.