Publicist Career Description

A publicist career covers a profession in the corporate and marketing communications field meant to maximize a company’s image or reputation in the eyes of the general public.

  • The publicist’s main job is to publicize good image to the general public, be it for a company, organization, a government or a person.
  • A publicist creates and nurtures a good corporate image which rubs off to the company’s product brands for easy selling.  For instance, it helps that Apple has a healthy and wholesome corporate image so that so that its iPods, iPads, iPhones and Macbooks enjoy wide market patronage.
  • The publicist also works to rectify damaged reputation, as in releasing product recalls or offering public apologies on behalf of the company for any infraction or scandal.
  • It’s not uncommon for publicists to issue press releases or appear in broadcast and print to correct erroneous public perceptions or potential scandals.


A publicist often needs to craft press releases or have a media presence to explain or defend a company or personality.  Hence, it makes sense for PR firms and companies to look for one with a degree in mass communication, journalism or psychology.

Employment Opportunities

A career in public relations or marketing communications opens up employment in advertising and PR companies or be an in-house corporate PR manager or director.  These publicists are not confined to enhancing or defending corporate or brand reputation. They are also quite useful in building and re-building popularity and a healthy image for individuals such as celebrities and government officials. Those who have been tainted with scandals are known to have used competent publicists to restore their damaged reputation.

A publicist career can make bring to positions such as Public Relations Specialists or Managers, Marketing Communications Coordinators, Managers or Directors.  Depending on the position level, publicists can earn from $38,000 for a coordinator to $70,000 for a PR Director.