Entry Level Marketing Job Profile and Description

Entry level marketing job involves different tasks which are performed to enhance the sales and marketing of an organization. Various company and business provides entry level marketing jobs in order to enhance the sale of their product and services. This is a position where one has to be make strategies and plans in order to increase the sale of that particular company. The entry level marketing executive is guided by top ranked marketing professionals and sales managers.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • An entry level marketing executive has to perform the work related to the formulation, creation and coordination of certain marketing strategies which will help to promote services and products of a particular company or business..
  • He is responsible for balancing objectives of the company or business and for the customer satisfaction.
  • He is responsible for analyzing the market strategies through research studies.
  • This job helps a company or business to coordinate and evaluate different financial aspect such as return on investment, budget, expenditures and projection of profit or loss.
  • This job also demands making of market strategies according to the market characteristics.
  • An entry level marketing executive is also responsible for compiling the list of a company’s available service offerings and products.
  • The executive also have the responsibility to participate in promotional activities like trade shows, advertisements.

Skills and specifications

  • Marketing field always looks for people with good managerial and communication skill.
  • An executive at entry level must be up to date with the current market characteristics.
  • He must posses the ability to coordinate with other team members and clients.
  • He must have good interpersonal skills.

Education and Qualifications

The entry level marketing executive requires a bachelor’s degree in advertising, marketing or in business administration. A master’s degree in business administration or in sales and marketing is also preferred. Earlier experiences as a sales analyst or market research analyst proves to be an added advantage.