Finance Advisor Career Description

A financial advisor is a critical and necessary role that is sought after by retail investors, companies, and government entities. On an individual, corporate, or a state level one has to maintain liquidity, risk, and profitability. The balance between these three important parameters can be maintained with the help of a financial advisor. A financial advisor can be involved in many roles. They can assist in financial planning by allocating income into savings, earnings, and investments. They also help to build up a portfolio of investment by investing in stocks, bonds, T-bills, mutual fund options, etc according to the risk profile of a person, corporate or a government. They can also advise on the portfolio from time and time according to the changing market conditions and assist in reviewing and reallocating them.

Finance Advisor Job Career Description

  • A financial advisor should have good knowledge in many concepts of finance like security analysis and portfolio management, treasury management, wealth management, risk management, etc.
  • They can assist their clients at an individual or corporate level depending upon the income level, risk profile, and the desired profit of the client.
  • They charge a commission which is a combination of fixed and variable on their clients’ investments. The variable component depends on the profit generated out of the investment by the client.
  • They advice the client to opt for different financial options by understanding their financial condition and future financial requirements.

Finance Advisor Career Salary

Aspirants who want to work as finance advisors can find innumerable job opportunities in many sectors. Few of those sectors where openings can be easily found are financial services firms, insurance companies, financial planning companies, investment services, investment broking and brokerage firms among others. Regarding work experience, candidates must possess relevant work experience of about 1-4 years in this field. The annual compensation of a finance advisor may range from $29,000 to $126,000 depending on the level of education and experience. These salary estimates are extracted from the National salary data released by Pay Scale.