Financial Analyst Job Duties

Interpreting and analyzing financial data is the job of a financial analyst who are often employed in investment houses, think tanks, and financial institutions as well as in finance and accounting departments in large companies across any industry.  Their reports and recommendations on correcting finance shortfalls and maximizing strong financial positions are valued by executives who receive them for tactical and strategic decision making as well as budgeting, business and investment planning.

Job Duties

  • Take in accounting data and financial statements for post mortem analysis and prognostication based on current and forecasted economic data to create a financial heath picture for the company in the next quarter or year.
  • Use financial cost accounting data to arrive at break even points and the proper product pricing and tariffs based on the mandated on profit margins.
  • Liaise with economists and industry experts to put the company’s financial health in the proper context for a more realistic and sustainable growth projection, whether for the current business or forthcoming plans for new business ventures.
  • Perform what-if simulations in computer models to consider various scenarios in the markets and the industry to assist decision makers in the direction the company needs to take over the immediate future.
  • Prepare and submit reports and recommendation to executive decision makers and counsel executives on the state of the company’s financial health at any time.
  • Prepare year to date cost and revenue performance with comparative views on previous parallel periods for each geographic sales point vs product lines in multi-dimension spreadsheets.