Server Job Duties

A food server position in commercial kitchens is a more focused derivative of the waiter/waitress job and is often employed in high traffic high volume operations that require separate order taking and billing from actual serving of food on the table.  They are often employed in fast food chains, hotels and cafes when order taking and payments are done at the counter and you only need to wait for the food delivered at your table.  It’s possible that food servers can also act as food delivery staff when there are more home orders than onsite customers.

Job Duties

  • Ensure that the food prepared conforms to specifics of the customer orders initiates the procedures to fulfill those orders.
  • Work with the kitchen staff in preparing the food in the correct table wares or packaging if for take out.
  • Parallel the duties of a waiter/waitress in small diners and food stalls by offering menus, taking orders, delivering the food orders and present the check after.
  • Maintain proper hygiene and decorum to make a positive impression with the customers.
  • Clean the table and surrounding areas after the customer has vacated the place, replaces the table linens, utensils and markers to make it ready to receive the next customer.
  • Perform cashiering work if required during lean times or when the cashier is on leave
  • Respond to customer calls for beverage refills or other food order additions they may order along with refilling table condiments, sauces or gravies.
  • Present customers with promotional food items and special offers.