Food Marketing Job Profile and Description

Food marketing consists of selling food and food items to various companies, processors, distributors, producers, manufacturers and vendors. It is a job of a food marketer to bring in contact the consumer and the producer. It is the largest ever growing business in any part of the world as it involves various companies to sell a single food product.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • A food marketer has to create awareness about marketing strategies amongst his staff and different communities.
  • He has to decide what to promote and who will be the target audience.
  • He has to carry out various activities for promotion of his product such as cookery sessions, cooking competitions or a seminar on nutrition.
  • He has to do the evaluation of marketing strategies using sales data of targeted food.
  • He has to carry out surveys and study the buying habits of customers.
  • He has to assess the data collected from different analysis regularly.
  • He has to participate in developing the pricing strategies for increasing the profit.
  • He has to ensure that the customers are fully satisfied by the company’s service.

Skills and Specifications

  • A food marketer should possess good knowledge of food items.
  • He should be a good speaker as he has to deal with suppliers, consumers and distributors.
  • He should have ability to face challenges.
  • He should have convincing skills to attract more customers.
  • He should be confident enough to handle campaigns, seminars and workshops.
  • He should be efficient in advertising.
  • He should identify with the psychology of consumers very well.

Education and Qualifications

To pursue a career in food marketing an individual should have a Bachelor’s degree in food marketing from any college or university. It helps them in applying the marketing principles to food.