General Manager Job Profile and Description

A general manager is responsible for the overall decision making of the whole department in a company. Since this position is one of the highest positions in the company, a general manager has many responsibilities especially in motivating and overall overseeing of the company’s designated department performance including its employees as well. Moreover, a general manager has all of the authorization in terms of decision making in a department’s performance, operations, human resource recruitment and other things related to the company including wages and expenses.

Duties and Responsibilities

The responsibilities of a general manager are the following:

  • Company goal setting

In order to accomplish what a company’s department wants to achieve, goals are set. A general manager needs to set goals because these goals serve as a guide for employees to follow.

  • Overall overseeing of the company departments and aspects

General Managers are commonly assigned in different departments of a company in order to make the flow of the operations go smoothly. A general manager is in charge of the overall overseeing of a department’s operations and performance. In order for a department to perform well, a certain leader must take charge in maintaining the smooth flow of the operation in his or her department by leading its workers to accomplish their current tasks.

  • Strategy implementation

Strategy is very important in order to accomplish a company’s goal. Strategies are done in order to avoid risks or uncertainties. The general manager has the responsibility to formulate these strategies in order to avoid uncertainties in the corporate operations. On the other hand, implementing these strategies is also the responsibility of a general manager to the assigned department.

  • Overall decision making

A general manager must have a quality of a good decision maker that is why companies hire most of the time general managers who have a lot of experience in a department operation. The more experience that a general manager has, the more effective and efficient decision making skills he or she possesses. An outcome of a decision-making depends on how good the decision was made.