Healthcare Career Description

The global healthcare industry covers professionals in various sectors dedicated in providing products and services to preserve, treat and restore individual health.

  • A career in healthcare can be in any of the professions that directly deal with people with heath care needs such as paramedics, doctors of all specializations, dentists, pharmacists, physiotherapists, fitness trainers, midwives, social workers and nurses, to mention some.
  • Some of them, like doctors, nurses and dentists, require state licensing to practice their profession while others don’t.
  • The indirect healthcare professionals support in the diagnosis and supply treatment options such as diagnostic lab technicians, radiologists, pharmaceutical firms, medical and biotechnologist as well as the engineers who design and manufacture medical and diagnostic equipment.
  • Alternative medication careers include acupuncturists, herbalists, massage therapists, hydrotherapists, etc.

Education and Training

Each job in a healthcare career has its own specific education, training or even licensing requirement. But the overarching compelling requirement to enjoy a demanding careers is one’s love to help people prevent illness, get rid of any contracted ailment or bring them to normal living after an injury or accident.  .


Apart from hospitals, clinics, laboratories, pharmaceutical films, health spas and gyms, a healthcare career can also bring you into the world of politics like working in health ministries and social welfare, government regulatory agencies like the FDA and world governing bodies like WHO.  You also have professionals in private foundations like the Rockefeller Foundation and the Bill Gates Foundation as well as other corporate foundations dedicated to research work on certain illness like cancer, AIDs, Alzheimer’s, etc. And for as long as population is growing, you can be sure that healthcare professionals will always be high demand anywhere