International Marketing Career Profile and Description

An international marketing professional is primarily responsible for performing the various strategic and logistical aspects of the international marketing programs. The professionals work in collaboration with the international sales and marketing teams to carry out the promotional & marketing related activities. The primary focus of this position is positioning of the products successfully in the international market.

The international marketer is responsible for development of the product, especially intended for the international markets and regions. The position requires positive collaboration with the international corporate groups, to be successful in the field.

International Marketing Duties and Responsibilities

The position responsibilities are as follows:

  • Marketing and management of the existing products across different geographies.
  • Developing and implementing promotional plans.
  • Developing product forecasts at regular intervals of time.
  • Generating and making recommendations for new product ideas.
  • Maintaining the distributors and partners network information.
  • Developing online marketing campaigns and event materials to support the marketing activities.
  • Creating presentations, marketing plans and essential documents.
  • Providing backup support for the marketing automation system.

International Marketing Skills and Specifications

The required skills are as follows:

  • Sound knowledge of Adobe Creative Suite, Photoshop and Illustrator.
  • Sound knowledge of MS Office tools.
  • Excellent verbal and nonverbal communication skills.
  • Strong analytical skills.
  • Ability to work in a fast paced environment.
  • Ability to work under pressure.
  • Ability to handle multiple projects simultaneously.

International Marketing Education and Qualification

The educational qualifications required are as follows:

  • Master’s degree in Business and Marketing or Bachelor’s degree in Business and marketing.
  • Experience in exposure to international customers preferred.
  • Experience in multilevel marketing is a plus.
  • Knowledge of email marketing and CRM preferred.
  • Knowledge of financial analysis and market research analysis preferred.

International Marketing Salary

The average salary of an international marketing professional ranges from $120,000 – $128,000.

Alternative Description

International Marketing Job Profile and Description

A career in international marketing is a highly fast-paced one and is gaining great demand in for they play a key role in launching products and services worldwide. Since the companies are becoming global in nature, the need for international marketing is increasing in leaps and bounds. They help to identify and develop international marketing efforts in foreign countries thereby helping to promote sales support. They also play an important role in expanding existing markets by tracking sales and then analyzing these markets in order to increase sales.

International Marketing Duties and Responsibilities

  • Contributing to the team of sales and marketing in matters of market research, sales etc.
  • Generating of leads through the adequate identification of the potential global markets and determination of the demand meant for the products and services produced by the company for which he works.
  • Tracking progress on the global prospects to enhance the profitability and market share of the company.
  • Developing awareness about the company amongst both customers and clients through active participation in different types of trade fairs.
  • Motivating the employees of all levels and position for the success and the progress of the company.

International Marketing Skills and Specifications

  • Great analytical and creative abilities
  • Good marketing skills
  • Strong educational background in sales or marketing.
  • Good communication skills
  • Responsible and organized

International Marketing Education and Qualifications

  • Bachelor’s degree in business administration or international business with specialization in marketing is highly desirable.
  • Training in computer technology and engineering is highly imperative in order to do well in career.

International Marketing Salary

  • Salary of the international marketing specialists depends on factors like experience, education level, degree of an individual, and size of the firm.
  • According to the salary of an international marketing manager, position can be from $66,824 to $121,402.