A legal job specification is a highly processed summary of a particular vacancy, which is intentionally drafted for the use of interested candidates, who are willing to apply for a legal job position. A legal job specification guides the deserving candidates to apply for an available job position. It is a detailed outline of required legal education requirements, necessary legal knowledge & clerical responsibilities and essential experience of practicing law. Legal assistant, lawyer and legal secretary are the legal job positions which are represented by the distinctively created job specification. A legal job specification clears the objective of an offered legal job. Therefore, a legal job specification can be varied as depending upon the different legal jobs.

Types of the legal job specifications:

  • Legal executive job specification
  • Legal advisor job specification
  • Criminal justice job specification
  • Law clerk job specification, etc

Following suggested points play a vital role to prepare an effective legal job specification:

    Concentrate on a legal job designation and try to consider the important points which are to be mentioned in a legal job specification.
  • Point out the desired legal qualification such as a diploma, bachelor & masters in law, legal management, administration, conflict management and dispute resolution, etc.
  • State the expected experience in the legal field.
  • Mention about the needed skills sets including strong decision making ability, effective interpersonal & conversational skills, knowledge of legal documentation & maintenance along with honesty& patience.

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